Modern Meditation Course

Modern Meditation Course

Mind Training Tools For Focus & Awareness In A Distracted World | taught by Colin Pal

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A 4-week implementation course on training awareness and focus for the busy and distracted mind through mindfulness skills and mental training tools based on neuroscience.

Learn not only how to meditate but also how meditation works in the brain and body. It’s not just about believing meditation helps, it’s understanding why and how.

Modern meditation for the modern mind.

Modern Meditation is not your traditional meditation course. There’s no special way to sit, no secret mantra, no prayer beads, incense sticks or candles. It’s not a pathway to enlightenment, it’s not a religion or spiritual belief system. Modern Meditation is about understanding and action—it’s the practical application of mental training tools and mindfulness skills for the purpose of changing the way we live and work in this distracted world.

Colin Pal
Colin Pal
Creator at The Undeniable Clarity

About the Instructor

Hey, I’m Colin Pal! A former monk turned creator and instructor at The Undeniable Clarity. I love studying human behaviour and people science—why we do what we do and how we can become better versions of ourselves. When I’m not travelling and chasing shots of awe, I’m at a local coffee shop creating things and teaching the art of paying attention and mental decluttering. My 7-year journey as a Buddhist monk has lit up a path of self-exploration and discovering purpose. A path I continue to walk as I create stories to tell, to inspire, and to connect. I believe that we have stepped into an age of constant movement and distractions, where we're at mercy to a mindlessly reactive lifestyle. We've become more easily connected and yet more disconnected. We wear "busy" as a badge of honour but our most important work still awaits our loving attention. Nothing now is more urgent than the need to be still, to listen to the stories we tell ourselves and to live more deliberately. The Undeniable Clarity is our dojo and our community, where we get to share our stories and practice together.

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